Jensbu – Storskorkja from Øvstedal


The trail at a glance

Parts of this nice mountain trail follow a completely new path up to Mount Storskorkja.  The new mountain cabin at the top was officially opened on 4 July 2018.  The cabin is nicely equipped with almost all necessary amenities, and the view from the cabin is fantastic.  The mountain top is not among the highest ones (861 m a.s.l.) which makes this trail destination accessible for the majority of people.  

Route description

You will walk along a well defined path the entire time. The path is well signposted with red marks on stones, trees, and sticks.  The first section of the trail goes from the car park up the hill to the summer mountain farm Dalssetra. Start by walking over the bridge and continue straight ahead along a gravel pit. The surface is slightly rocky along the first section of the trail. This is where the climbing begins.You are going to ascend about 300 metres by following a path that winds its way up to Dalssetra.  The path is steep, bud solid and nice to walk on.  It primarily goes through forest areas including some birch forest.  The path flattens out after you pass Dalssetra.  You will then walk along a nice solid path to Lake Dalsvatnet.  This is where you can fill up your water bottle.  An entirely new path has been built from Lake Dalsvatnet up to Mount Storskorkja.  This wide path takes you through the areas of small birch forest.  The surface is partly paved with stones and easy to walk on. The path is steep and has no wet sections.  Once you are above the tree line, the path starts zigzagging up to the ridge between the two mountain tops, Litleskorkja and Storskorkja.  Note that Storskorkja is the lowest of the two.  Over the ridge, you will get a fantastic view of Lake Kleivavatnet, Mount Sandfjellet and the Øvstedalen Valley on one side, and Lake Dalsvatnet and the mountains Brudefølget, Nonsfjellet, and Rongja on the other side. The path is dry and firm with plenty of space on both sides.  But this section of the path is quite open.  The final section of the trail involves both steep and gentle climbing.  After the final uphill section, walk slightly down and then out towards the top.  You will find the Jensbu cabin here.  

Tilkomst og parkering

Turn off the main road in the inner part of Tresfjorden. You will see a sign that reads “Øvstedalen” next to the church. Turn right if you are driving from Vestnes. Drive for 5 km up to Øvstedalen Valley. After you have passed a farm on your right, turn off to the right at the sign that reads “Dalssetra”. Follow the gravel road for about 300 metres and leave your car at one of the car parks on both sides of the river.
Hiking route
3,78 km one way
810 m
3 t. 50 mi
Summer, Autumn

Map route

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Surface type Distance
Grus 0,5
Sti 4

Public transport

Bus service to Tresfjord is poor, and there are fewer departures on weekends.


The cabin at the top of the mountain has been named Jensbu in memory of a variety show actor Jens Rønning who died on Storskorkja in 2002.


Ørskogfjellet tourist map and Tourist map around Tresfjorden published by Tresfjord Sports Association. You can buy the map at Spar Tresfjord.
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