Leikong Illuminated Ski Trail


The trail at a glance

This illuminated ski trail is built as a year-round destination.  You will find a Stick Ut trail postbox by the boom gate at the forest road to Kleppefurene. In summer, the trail is suitable for both hiking, walking with strollers, and cycling. Benches and campfire sites are set up along the trail.

Route description

The trail starts from the car park of the illuminated ski trail on Leikongeidet, at the height of 150 m a.s.l. The gravel road runs up from there through moderate terrain. The illuminated part of the trail forms 2 loops and is 3 km long in total.  The lights are on from the moment it gets dark until 11:00 p.m. every day.  Leikong Illuminated Ski Trail covers easy terrain with sections of primeval pine forest.  This good-quality gravel road is perfect for hiking and stroller-friendly.  You will get scenic views of Sunnmørsalpane, Eika, and the Rovdefjorden.

Tilkomst og parkering

Turn off FV654 at the Myrvåg junction and drive along FV61 towards Leikong and then towards Larsnes. Turn off the main road before the top of Leikongeidet to park your car.
Hiking route
3,05 km round trip
88 m
1 t. 0 min.
Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn
Hele turen
Highest Point
165 masl
Both signed and marked

Map route

Surface type Distance
Grus 2,7

Public transport


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