Digergubben via Midsund Stairs


The trail at a glance

This is an exciting hiking opportunity that is specially adapted to meet various needs. Sherpa people from Nepal have paved the path with stones and built the stairs. The impressive stone structure is worth a visit in its own right. You will also get to enjoy a fantastic view of the mountains, fjords and the ocean.

Route description

The trail crosses steep terrain, but the stone stairs make it accessible for many hikers. The stairs take you all the way up Mount Digergubben which is 527 m a.s.l. high. Some of the steps along the way will be a bit high. You will find rest areas with stone benches evenly spread along the way closer to the top. The path from Kumlokket towards Lake Midsundvatnet has some steep sections. Large sections of the surface here contain some loose stones. From Lake Midsundvatnet: There is a fork in the path about 100 metres from Lake Midsundvatnet. Take the left turn at this point (Mount Midsundhornet is to the right from here). You will also see a bench just before the fork in the path. Walk across a small stone bridge over the stream and continue up the stairs. You will walk across large flat rocks for the largest part of the trail up to Mount Digergubben. The ascent is relatively low at first before it gets steeper for the last 400 metres.

Arrival and parking

The trail starts right in the centre of Midsund by the bridge across the Bakkeelva river which runs down from Midsundvatnet.

There is only a place for a couple of cars at the start of the trail, but a signboard points to other parking spaces you can use. The nearest one is Idavoll, which is an old school in Midsund located just on the other side and marked with a P sign.
Hiking route
1,81 km one way
465 m
2 t. 5 min
Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn
Highest Point
500 masl

Map route


Lake Midsundvatnet is a source of drinking water. It is illegal to swim in the lake, camp by the lake, etc.


Tourist map 1:50 000 Harøyfjorden
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